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Through generous donations this is what we have been able to accomplish:

–       The Audrie Pott Music Scholarship was created. This was awarded to an ambitious bay area high school student and singer. She is currently learning to play the guitar and will receive in home lessons for one year.

–       We regularly contribute to CASSY (Counseling And Support Services for Youth). CASSY provides FREE counseling to students and their families at 33 elementary, middle and high schools.

–       We have provided a grant to Montalvo Arts Center, which funds art lessons for economically disadvantaged school districts that would not otherwise receive art instruction. We are excited about sponsoring 20 families for 2015 art summer programs at Montalvo Arts Center .

–   Sexual Assault & Suicide Awareness and Prevention through a comprehensive media campaign and social media outreach.

–       Public speaking events and education provided for the Military and local high schools.

Legislation Changes Inspired by Audrie’s Story:

AB256 Grounds for Expulsion

–       a change to the California Education Code. If a student engages in electronic bullying, they can now be suspended or expelled regardless of where the harassment took place.


SB255 Revenge Porn

–       for victims over the age of 18, if a naked picture is distributed without permission, this would be charged as a misdemeanor and punishable by a prison term of 45 days.  A 2nd offence would result in a 1 year prison term and up to $2000.00 in fines.


SB838 Audrie’s Law

–       Public trial for juvenile sex offenses, open court room, names and faces published

–       Not eligible to have charges dismissed for 1 year of good behavior (NO Deferred Entry of Judgment)

–       Mandatory sex offender counseling imposed

 How Can You Help?

You can be a part of our movement for change, and helping others in Audrie’s memory. We graciously accept donations and support fundraising efforts. There have been food truck events, marathon runs, poetry readings, bake sales, lemonade stands, even nail polish sales to raise money for our Foundation.


Thank you for your support!!